(Me and Darth Vadar having a staring contest)

Hi, I'm Yunyi, currently a user experience designer living in the wind city.
My name Yunyi [yn i:], which pronounces as "you-n" "yee", written with the Chinese characters "云逸" poetically depicting a piece of cloud wandering freely in the sky.
I love observing human beings in this world interacting with each other. This love for people observation led me to user experience design, a field that maps technology to human psychology.
I currently work with a group of awesome folks at Expedia Group. Together we help improve traveler's experience with our super strength of design thinking and empathy.
In my spare time I binge watch Netflix if I'm not spending time with my family. I am also an active member of several cultural groups and communities, including but not limited to the design community, the Chinese UX designers in Chicago (a group of about 100 I run online), and the Asian American community.
Moderating a Design Strategy Meetup
Moderating a Design Strategy Meetup
Organized Design Meetup for Chinese UX Community in Chicago
Organized Design Meetup for Chinese UX Community in Chicago
DePaul University       
M.S. in Human Computer Interaction

Columbia University
M.A. in Film Studies

Nanjing University
B.A. in Chinese Language and Literature
Favorite Quote
"Art raises questions, design answers questions. " 
--John Maeda
Thank you for reaching out! I will be in touch soon. Cheers, Yunyi
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